Easy to Sew Felt Baby Shoes Including free pattern

After some gluttonous Creme Egg Brownies (I can see you all loved those you greedy piggys!) its time to do some exercise . Sewing counts right? I’ve been wondering what to do for a while (no funds for new fabrics etc.) so thought using up some left over felt was the perfect thing; and with babies coming out of my ear holes at the moment, what better than these amazing easy to sew felt baby shoes

Felt Baby Shoes

Originally the idea sprung from my Martha Stewart sewing bible, but like all crafty ideas a bit of Googling never goes a miss. The best example (that didn’t require a sewing machine) was from Purl Bee. So with this template and some left over felt I was well away, here’s how I did it!

For this make you will need:

– A4 sheet of felt

-Felt scraps for decoration (optional)

– Contrasting Cotton

-Pins, and a needle/scissors

Baby shoe Template (3 months)

Baby Shoe resizing guide (optional)

-Tailors chalk or an erasable fabric pen

-Two 1 inch pieces of Elastic


Step one: Cut the felt pieces using the template, (as said before the template is for 3 month shoes, you can resize with the guide above) Use your chalk or pen to mark the crosses shown in the template.

Felt Baby Shoes

Step Two: Create a T Shape by pinning the long piece to the sole by lining up the two lines marked by your chalk

Felt Baby Shoes

Step Three: Starting at the top of the boot, Pin all the edges together, the shape of the boot will form as you do this, On one boot pin starting with the left, the other starting with the right, making a left and right shoe :)

Felt Baby Shoes

Felt Baby Shoes

Step Four: Thread a needle with 50 inches of your contrasting thread. Don’t knot the end of the thread just yet.

Step Five: Starting at the top of the shoe where the little line of chalk is, sew the pinned edges together with a blanket stitch (enter the fabric from the bottom of the shoe (the sole) and come up through the next layer. leave 4 inches of the un-knotted thread hanging out. you will sort this later

Felt Baby Shoes


Step Six: When you get back to where you started knot together the thread you left hanging at the start, and the thread that’s attached to your needle. use the needle to enter into the inside of the shoe, this will bring the knot with it an give you a cleaner finish!

Step Seven: Grab your inch of elastic. Using a cross stitch on the crosses you drew from the template sew in the elastic. This is a little fiddly, but helps to close the shoe together.

Felt Baby Shoes

Step Seven (optional): If you fancy adding some decoration to your booties then now is the time, I opted from a small pink felt flower made from off cuts, but you could add a small button, bead or another shape like a butterfly? For my boy versions of these I’ll be adding a small yellow star…

Warning, making these is seriously addictive! Have fun!

Thanks again to Purl Bee for the easy steps and template.

One thought on “Easy to Sew Felt Baby Shoes Including free pattern

  1. Hen

    These are just a bit too short in length for my baby girl – how do you use the resizing guide?
    Her feet are about 10cm in length, and the pattern unaltered makes a shoe that’s making her toes curl.


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