Felt Quiet Book: #4

A quick update on the Felt Quiet book:

This time I focused on getting my Acorn page done, I decided that naturally  hiding under an acorn would be a Squirrel.

I still had the paper template from my acorn, so I found a squirrel template on Google documents and resized it using the CTRL and minus key until it fitted under the acorn


( I put the acorn onto the laptop screen and could see the squirrel underneath) I thin traced the squirrel using the same method and used as a template onto grey felt

Felt Squirrel

I sewed him on with grey thread added a small black eye and in his hands I sewed a tiny bell that I had in my sewing box. For the bell I used invisible thread and sewed on extra securely so it didn’t become a chocking hazard!

I then sewed the acorn onto with more invisible thread (I sewed down the dark park so that it can be lifted up to show the squirrel hiding underneath!

You can see my little Vine video here :) http://vine.co/v/b1PTAtjLQBV

Next up I made a start on my Mouse and mushroom page.

My inital idea was to have a squeaker in the mouse, but the squeaker was quite large and made too much of a bulge so instead I put it in the Mushroom flap. I used squeakers from amazon, around £2 for 6. Originally meant for dog toys but they seemed perfect for this so why not.

Again I traced the image I needed from the laptop screen (I dont have a printer!) I used this one:


I sewed on the white spots, and then sewed on a back and sandwiched the squeaker in there:

Felt Quiet Book

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 8.54.21 AM

Next up is the mouse underneath..I was going to do a small full body mouse but was bored of doing small fiddly things so just did a head, I just need to decide on his mouth and how to do his whiskers next!

Felt Quiet Book

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