Baring all, A Very Naked Christmas

No No, put your clothes back on, not that sort of naked. I mean back to nature, back to basics, the Jamie Oliver type of naked


As I’ve got older (I know, I’m ancient) I’ve started to feel increasingly guilty about my materialistic and wasteful ways. Now don’t get me wrong, I recycle, never ever throw food away unless it really is necessary, (I’ve lost friends over such really, I have) and generally try to be aware of my impact on the environment.

With this Christmas coming up, and people asking me what I want as well as decorations being hung from every conceivable corner of every room in most houses I’ve started to think I should move away from the man-made and move towards nature;  wouldn’t it be nice to go back to basics, and decorate our houses with things that are a bit more NAKED 

Here are a few handy things I’ve found to try to make your Christmas a little more Natural

xmas 12

1//Orange and Clove Pomander //2//Natural Baubles// 3// Wreaths // 4//Simple Pine Cones// 5//Salt Dough Decorations// 6// Christmas Light Jars// 7// Rose Hip Hearts// 8// Christmas Wrapping Ideas// 9// Flowerpot centre pieces 

Now, before you say a word. In my house this year I haven’t been able to follow my own advice. (I know what a hypocrite) My mum is currently running that household, and if she wants bright red lights everywhere then I really am in no position to speak.

This naked dream, is what hopefully, when I climb that expensive property ladder I will be aiming for in my household..

And well, I know we aren’t all made of money, and time is limited , I probably will still have fairy lights and tinsel, but maybe I’ll have a holly wreath or homemade garlands with pine cones and Rose Hips too…

Have fun stripping off and have a very ‘Merry Naked Christmas’

Meg xx

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